Gaz never believed in God but thought there might be something more to life than what he was used to. A major car crash with a lorry in 2011 in which he escaped with only a broken nose and a few cuts made him wonder if someone was looking out for him, especially when the police officers told him they’d seen people die in far smaller accidents than that. It was a miracle that he was still alive.

But Gaz was not satisfied with his life and was always looking for fulfilment in relationships and jobs, drifting about from one to the next – everything was always new and exciting at first but after a few months it would grow dull and he’d move onto something new.

He moved in with a girl and her young child thinking that having a family would bring him happiness, but things in the relationship turned sour. Gaz was putting all his earnings into the house, but his partner was not good with money. It got to the point where he couldn’t afford to fix his car and was forced to sell it. Because he’d lost his car, he soon lost his job, and then when he couldn’t afford to keep paying for the house he lost that as well. His relationship with the girl had completely broken down and Gaz sunk into depression. Trying to fill his life with what he thought would make him happy only lead to everything breaking down.

It was soon after this that an old friend popped up on Facebook and started chatting to him. She invited him along to one of the church’s meetings in someone’s home. Gaz thought he’d give it a go and went along. “As soon as you walked into the room you knew something was different.” he explains, “The way people were with you… even though they didn’t know you they greeted you like they’d known you for years.”

When Gaz heard about Jesus and the good things he plans for everyone’s life he immediately knew that this was it, this was what he wanted to do. That night he decided to follow Jesus with his life.

Now his life has completely turned around. “I used to be a worrier. I worried about things long before they were even worth worrying about, but now I don’t worry at all. I’m not following people, I’m not needy, I’m not always looking for new relationships and other things to fill a hole in my life because I know Jesus! I’m more confident… My life has changed completely. I don’t even feel like the same person.”

Gaz recently prayed with people in the church for a job and before long, after six long months of unemployment, he was offered some full-time work. Not only has his life changed on the inside, but he’s now experiencing how God wants to change his situation as well.