Health and Healing Festival

Every year a Health and Healing festival is held at the Knavesmire York, attended by various new age, spiritualist and alternative medicine practitioners. This year we decided to take our own team there to introduce them to the only true healer – Jesus!
We had a great weekend with many opportunities both to share the gospel with people and to see its power at work with many being healed. There were so many confused, lonely and desperate people, striving for spirituality and searching for more.

It was amazing how may Christians were attending the conference, fed up of dry churches with no teaching or foundations, they were looking for spirituality – but in completely the wrong place! It was great to be able to point them back to Jesus, particularly as many of them had little understanding of who he is and what he has done for them. We were able to challenge people, explaining that the only way to God the Father is through Jesus, and correcting the false importance and worship of angels – we gave one lady a Bible with a copy of “Why Jesus?” used to bookmark the chapter in Hebrews concerning the place of angels!

As well as sharing the truth about Jesus we also layed hands and prayed for a lot of sick people. A lady with a swollen ankle was completely healed and able to walk again normally, another lady with osteoporosis and fibromialga experienced immediate relief from pain. Others including migraine and asthma sufferers were prayed for and a lady with IBS received prayer for healing and also through a word of knowledge received words of encouragement concerning her loneliness. Another suffer of fatigue and depression was encouraged and built up.

We were all very blessed and encouraged to be out there making a stand for the gospel and for the name of Jesus. Thank you for all your prayers of support and to Susan, Tim, Helen, Matt, Sam, Stef and Toby for getting out there and allowing Jesus to change lives!

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  1. Tim says:

    Praise Jesus that we were able to see miracles and sow the imperishable seed (1Peter1:23) of God’s word into people’s lives. God is good!

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