Vision Jan 2010

We are not babysitters! – we need to change our/youth/church perception of what we do on a sunday morning. We are not babysitting them, we are imparting life, the time we spend together is really key.

Men and Women of God – We are raising them up to be men and women of God – having their own relationship with Jesus – flowing in the spirit and doing great things for him. THIS IS FOR NOW! Need to pray for a touch of the Holy Spirit on every one of them – they need encounters with God to bring personal real relationships, of the heart and not just the head. We need the Holy Spirit to break in and flow through them do that they may have a real understanding of his love and live by it.

Challenge to us as leaders
– If we are going to see these things happen we need to both up our prayer for them, and flow in the spirit ourselves imparting life to them.

Water of Life

God gave me a picture of him giving us the water of life – not just any old water but this amazing shining water (like mercury). In the first picture he was passing us water in a cup for us to give to the youth – this water is precious and powerful and not to be taken lightly or wasted. Second picture was of a well full of water – God said drink deeply. Third was of a bath full of the water – God said dive in, my life is abundant and to be delighted in.

Holy Spirit Station

What the river brings
What the river brings!

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