Youth Eggstravaganza 10/04/10

Youth Eggstravaganza

Heya Guys I have finally got round to posting something about the youth social – on this saturday!!

So the plan is to have it at mark and terri’s from 2:30 til 6:30. We will do loads of egg themed activities plus have tea together. The weather is set to clear up so we should be able to do lots of things outside but may need some back up plans. The following are the thoughts I have had so far on what we might do – please shout if you have any further ideas, or if there is a specific activity which you would like to lead. I will finalise plans later in the week and let you know all the details.

Outdoor activities

Bunny tag (generally just involves a lot of hopping!)

Capture the egg – split into two teams, each team has a base at either ends of the garden where they have 4 eggs (balls) kept (spread out in a line). The challenge is to capture the other teams eggs by running with it back to their base with out being tagged by someone from the other team – they may pass the egg on to another of their teams members but may not throw it more than a metre. If they are tagged by someone from the opposite team them must drop the egg imediately then it can be returned to its base by the tagger (although another member of your team may try and grab it first)

Egglegging – using unboiled eggs who can roll it the furthest before it breaks

Indoor activites

Easter themed rapidough

Egg creatures – each given a boiled egg to turn into an egg person (given felt tips glue and crafty bits) prize for best.

Flying egg creatures – In teams have to make a flying craft out of rubbish to protect their egg creatures and one unbolied egg on their flying trip (out an upstairs window) (prize awarded for most successful ans stylish).

Either indoor or out

Egg and spoon race/relay

Egg rolling relay – using noses or spoons

Pass the egg – using balloons between knees and under chins?

Egg quiz – pictures of eggs which they have to guess who comes out of (insects, dinosaurs, etc)

Easter story quiz – including facts and some content on what the story means to us.

Reverse egg hunt – they each have a paper egg to hide which the adults then have to find – the last persons to be found is the winner.

Treasure egg hunt – have to find clues which will lead them to an egg

Chocolate egg hunt (have asked them all to bring a small contribution for this)


Thought we would have burgers and sausages which should be pretty easy (rolls, cheese, salad, sauces, crisps) and will ask them to bring something to drink and cake/biscuits to have as a snack and then for pudding.

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  1. JoFish says:

    This went really well – they all seemed to have a great time, and we had some positive feedback. Thanks for all your hard work.

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