Market Stall Crafts

We had our first bash at this havingĀ  four of them back for lunch after church and then made biscuits, easter nests and cards (21/03/10). They seemed to have fun and it was nice seeing them bonding a bit as a group. Shelia and Pete appreciated it too and said they sold really well.

It would be great to try and do this regularly as it not only supports the market stall but is a great opportunity for spending time togther in a relaxed way. Pete and Shelia have some wooden flowers (made by Tim) and some other things for us to paint, wendy is going to do some jewellary making, and Rose has said we can go to her shop and have some icing fun! Any other ideas would be most welcome.

I have suggested doing this again on the 18/04/10 – does anyone want to host this one?

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