God gave me a word for Rufaro that he was there, he loved her, he was real and that she should take a chance on him, believe him and speak to him, he was not going anywhere and he would wait for her for as long as it took for her to turn to him.

(this is Jo by the way not Jonty)

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  1. JoFish says:

    14/02/10 (wendy)

    Prayer request
    Finding it hard to get on with a girl in her class who she really doesnt like and think it will be very hard to grow to like her. Please pray for God to soften her heart towards this girl and that Rufaro would be amazed at the change in their relationship.

  2. JoFish says:

    08/03/10 youth prayer meeting (Jo and James)

    Felt God saying that a real key for Rufaro is for her to see the love of God demonstrated to her and to experience this love in her own life.

    Also need to pray for God to soften her heart and remove the barrier she has put up around her. Felt aware of real hurt in her life at the moment, so it would be great to pray for God’s healing power to break into her situation

  3. JoFish says:

    Had a picture of a person breaking though a wall. Again felt that there as a wall between Rufaro and God, but felt God saying that it will not be hard for Rufaro to knock it down as he has already removed all the cement around the bricks – she just has to push and it will all come tumbling down.

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