Had picture of a rosebud opening up and felt God saying that Lucy was like a rosebud – she was beautiful and was full of potential to open up and blossom for God


God reminded me again of this picture – felt that it was as Lucy started to let the spirit flow through her by opening her mouth and praising God that the rosebud would start to uncurl.

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  1. JoFish says:

    14/02/10 (wendy)

    Prayer Request
    Even though it is a long way off Lucy is worried about going to secondary school and being teased for being “tichy”. Please pray that God would remove that worry and give her peace.

  2. JoFish says:

    08/03/10 youth prayer meeting (Rose)

    You are not to see yourself as little but as one who is mighty in God as you do that you will see yourself as God sees you and do mighty things for Him.

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