Had a word for Joel that he did not need to be scared about going deeper, God would never ask him to do anything that he couldnt do. Also God reminded me of the other youth teasing Joel that he looked like JoJo from film Horton hears a who, and said that Joel was like JoJo in that JoJo kept himself in the background getting on with stuff in his own quiet way, but at the end of the film he was the one that saved the day – Joel might not be one to draw attention to himself and sing and shout about what he could do, but God had some really important things for him to do.

(this is from Jo not Jonty)

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  1. JoFish says:

    14/02/10 (Wendy)

    Prayer Request
    Joel facing difficulties with a friend who has stopped talking to him and has started spreading rumours. Please pray for Joel to know his security in God’s love and for this situation to be resolved – may Joel be amazed at the change in his relationship with this person.

  2. JoFish says:

    08/03/10 youth prayer meeting

    You have creative musical ability in you and God will give you songs to write and pray. (Rose)

    Use your guitar playing to tune your spirit to God’s wavelength and lear to hear from him clearly (Michael)

    Keep going as he has been – keep up the good work (Michael)

  3. JoFish says:

    Prayer Request
    Please keep praying for Joel on the friend front – he is apparently still having a tough time

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