Had a picture for Grace of a bouncy ball bouncing around a room crashing into everything and causing havoc. Then saw the same ball bouncing along a straight road. Felt that God was saying that Grace had loads of energy and potential but at the moment everything was messy, and that this year God was going to bring focus into her life.


God reminded me of this picture when we were praying after David’s preach on the River of Life. Felt God saying that the ball was bouncing around in chaos because Grace was not letting the spirit of God flow through her – she needs to let it out – she needs to open her mouth and start speaking out her praise, speaking in tongues and start sharing God with others.

(this is Jo not Jonty by the way)

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  1. JoFish says:

    08/03/10 youth prayer meeting (jo and james)

    Felt God saying that a real key for Grace is to show her who she is in Him – helping her to understand his love for her and plan for her life which arent affected by anyone else and what they can do.

    Also encouraged that Grace would be a trailblazer, and example for others and a powerful force – need to encourage her to step out in the spirit, once she does she will be a leader to the others.

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