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Lucy had a picture of a pebble dropping into a pool of water and creating ripples getting bigger and bigger. She felt God was saying that this was like them that the little things they did would have big effects.

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  1. jonty says:

    I had a picture about a windmill and it grinding the wheat to become flour and that God wants to change things in their lives/character and just like the wind blowing the sails which powers the change from wheat to flour the holy spirit will be the one that makes the change in them.

  2. JoFish says:

    Youth leaders prayer meeting

    Habakkuk 2 v 2-3 Write down the vision for the youth and make it plain. Show it to the youth – they need to hear it and see the bigger picture, they need to know where we are heading and what we are doing to get there. (James)

    As leaders we need to be sharp – we need to be people of the word ourselves. (Rose)

    Use the latest technologies and find innovative ways to reach them. (Rose)

    2 Timothy 1 v 6 – as leaders we need to be people of demonstration, having a greater expectation of what God is going to do through us and going for it! (James)

    Through our prayer for the young people there was a real sense of confirmation of God’s promise that they will grow in their relationship and faith with him, that they would become leaders themselves, and would have a real impact on the younger children in the church. There was also a call for them to grow in their relationships with each other and to form a really strong unit that would support and carry each other through their teenage years.

    We were also reminded that they can be great men and women of God whilst they are still children – we need to encourage them to be spiritual but still have fun and be real.

  3. JoFish says:

    Wendy knight had a picture based on the story of Hagar and Ishmael in Genesis 21 – when isaac is born they are sent away into the wilderness, when they ran out of water she put iahmael down to die, but God heard the youth’s cries and showed Hagar where she could find water. This is like the youth – God has heard the cry of the youth and will lead us to what they need. So i guess the challenge is to be asking Him what they need and waiting for him to show us!

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