Plan 21/02/10

Heya Toby and Abi, below is this weeks plans – it seems quite wordy but in practise it should be quite practical. Please can you let me know (either comment below or text) that you have seen it and are happy with it. Also Wendy pointed out that being in the room where the teas and coffees are is not helpful as it means you don’t get to finish what you are doing – which is particularly not good when it is the response stuff. So we suggest you find a corner of the big hall to use maybe putting one of the screens round you so you wont be disturbed. You can move stuff as long as it all go back where it came from. Let us know how that works. Have a great time. Luv Jo

youth 21 feb

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  1. TobyKnight says:


    There wasn’t any youth this Sunday due to the hall having no heating. David gave a very brief word, followed by some more worship and then we left.

    I have the bag at our house; thought we’d have the chance to get to one of the church-in-the-homes but it’s not going to happen, I’m afraid. We’ll bring it on Sunday.


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